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Since 2007, the BeenVerified company has been helping individuals, companies and investigators search for all kinds of public information. They can help people find and use public data to learn more about someone else.

BeenVerified is one of the most popular public search sites. They have completed tens of millions of verified searches.

By using this service, you can get instant access to their records of public data sources and proprietary data. You can easily search through billions of records for individual names, telephone numbers, email addresses and property addresses.

You can use them to learn about someone's background and history, or use them to locate an old friend you've lost track of or just want to see what they are doing these days.

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Public criminal background checks and get your history check done fast and accurate.
Background and records investigator available when you need to hire a helpful screening firm.
Background screening firm for when you want to employ a professional public records investigator.
Popular firms offering background checks for your state felony and misdemeanor record database query.
Criminal search for when you wish to bring in a first-class search auditor.

The best public records companies don't offer free background checks. Remember, you get what you pay for. It's a much better option to pay a little bit and receive a good quality records search. Most background record history searches are very affordable.

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