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A criminal background search is one of the most widely used tools for finding out about someone's past. Individuals rely on background checks for information they can use to help them avoid negative relationships with people that can possibly place your personal life, assets or company at risk.

While background investigations were once available only to law enforcement, private investigators and large companies, individuals can now find criminal records online. See our list of the top 3 services.

Check up on someone's criminal backgroundThe average citizen isn't allowed access to national crime databases, such as the main FBI database. In some states, the public may be able to search limited segments of state and county public records. The procedure to access these records is different from state to state. For someone who doesn't do it on a regular basis, the complex procedures may prove to be frustrating, time-consuming and the results, if any, may take some time to show up.

The best and most common way to conduct a thorough criminal check is by using an online investigative or public records search service. These professionals pull together data from all the states, counties and private firms and offer it in an easily-searched manner to requesters.

Most of these services operate by allowing website visitors online access to their database and show search results on the computer screen within minutes. One or two verification services actually have investigators who will do the searching and present their results to you via email or even the telephone.

The types of records commonly searched through during a comprehensive criminal background check come from records at these levels:
• State
• County
• Courts
• Criminal
• Driving
• Arrests
• Corrections
• Repository
• Pending charges
• Pending arrests
• Conviction information
• Sex offender registries
• Inmate searches

The exact range of detail that you will receive will depend somewhat on the state and agency involved.

So Who Are Some of the Best Companies in this Business?

BeenVerified has instant criminal checks that deliver information from nationwide felony, misdemeanor, sex offender and other criminal records. You can use their reports to take a look at a someone's background, giving you the information you need to feel secure that your neighbor, upcoming date, new friend or business partner is really who they say they are.

As their customer, you can have access to their extensive network of public and private databases.
Get instant legal and law background records

InfoTracer uses their years of experience in collecting data and providing background investigations to offer you a reliable national criminal background search. Their accurate, confidential and reliable in-depth reporting is made possible by their connections to federal, state and local agencies' data banks.


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Criminal Search Services:

BeenVerified is a fast and easy tool to get a look at someone's history with the law.

Their service allows you discover any potential criminal records hidden in an individual's past.

InfoTracer is one of the largest suppliers of public record screenings

Universal Background Screening offers verifications, background screenings and other services for companies of all sizes.